Vintage Valentine Pin-Ups - 2021

In many parts of the world, this year's Valentine's day (February 14th), will mean another COVID-19 isolation lockdown. It never was a favourite holiday of mine, when being single.

One thing I do love are the vintage Valentine cards and old pin-up photos. Most were taken in the 1940s or 50s, which was a common thing back then. So here's a salute to some of my favourites that I found online, mainly from Pinterest. 

Clara Bow, Silent Film Actress in the 1928, (Three Weekends Promo Photo)

Clara Bow, Three Weekends Promo photo

Cyd Charisse, 1940s

Cyd Charisse

Lucille Ball in the 1950s

Lucille Ball

Betty Grabel in the 1940s

Betty Grabel

Lana Turner in the 1950s

Lana Turner, 1940s

 Rita Hayworth, in the late 1940s 

Rita Hayworth

Elizabeth Montgomery, most famous for her role in Bewitched

Elizabeth Montgomery

Elizabeth Taylor in the 1950s

Elizabeth Taylor

Marilyn Monroe, (one of the most popular ladies of all-time)Marilyn Monroe, 1950sAngie Dickinson (most famous for the 1970s series Police Woman)

Elizabeth Taylor

Debbie Harry from Blondie (1980s)

Debbie Harry

Bette Midler in the 1980s

Bette Midler

I hope you liked the above photos, all from various sources on PINTEREST.

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*Cover photo - Lynn Merrick, 1940s*

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