Vintage Summers in the Sand
Unfortunately, I haven't written a blog in a while due to having a full time job now also. So it's catch up time... So this is a great blog featuring some of my favourite vintage photos from the 1940s-1960s of people, on the beach, having fun in the sand!

1950s ladies in their bathing suit. A game of beach ball anyone?

1950s models in summer

The swimwear in the  were designed to accentuate the a woman's figure. 

1950s surfers posing on their boards.

Beach umbrellas waiting for more guests in California. 

I love this colourful photo of these three ladies in their hammocks, right by the water.

1950s Boys Canoe Club! So many in this boat. This wouldn't be permitted today!

Remember the fun bathing caps women used to wear in the 1960s? So many different floral patterns to choose from!

A 1950s model in Florida on a vintage kayak. Photo taken from the State Library and Archives of Florida.

I  just love this photo of Barbara Stanwyck from 1947's The Other Love.

Here's a great shot of a lady on the beach in the 1940s.

1940s Lady on the Beach

1960s Surfers in California.

1960s Surfers in California

Lastly, TIKI parties are the highlight of summer with beach parties, fancy drinks and Hawaiian style music and attire. I love this photo of American singer and actress  Dorothy Lamour (1914-1996) in the 1940s.

Dorothy Lamour in the 1940s, early 50s

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Tiki Bangles and Summer Wear

Tiki Bangles by Peppermint Twist Vintage

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Swimwear by Peppermint Twist Vintage

Sparkly Jewelry Sets for Summer parties

Summer Jewelry from Peppermint Twist Vintage

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Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy your summer!

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Note: All of these photos are from various sources that I saved on my computer/phone, from Pinterest. No copyright infringement intended - solely used for your enjoyment to celebrate Summertime!

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Hi, nice photos. Re canoe photo, it depends on the canoe. A voyageur canoe takes up to 10 paddlers plus steer person, a Canadian war canoe takes up 14 paddlers plus cox. The thing missing are lifejackets which nowadays are required especially for youth.
Have a nice day.
From Canada

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