Vintage Valentine Favourites

Updated on January 30, 2024

My favourite part about Valentine's Day evolves around vintage ads for chocolate, pin-up photos from the 1950s or 1960, and wonderful cards that people would send to each other - be it in school, with your classmates, or with your sweetheart. So here's a collection of some of my favourite valentine themed ads and cards. In addition, don't forget to visit my etsy shop to see wonderful items that are available for purchase. Take 10% OFF NOW or 15% if you purchase 2 or more items!

First off, let's talk about chocolate..

Whitman, a company still in business decades later, had the best ads in previous years including this wonderful one with Elizabeth Taylor. He Remembered. Why Don't You?

Elizabeth Taylor for Whitman's Chocolate

This 1940s Whitman's Ad during WW2. Heart-shaped boxes with chocolates still are extremely popular today, 80 years later.

1940s Whitman's Ad
I love this slogan in this 1950s ad.. A Woman Never Forgets the Man Who Remembers.

Whitman's Chocolate Ad

I somehow find this one to be a special favourite of mine because I like this smile on the 1950s ad. It's Remembering Day..Remember? 

Whitman Ad

Now onto vintage valentine cards. Disney's Valentine I'm Sentimental About You!

Disney 1950s Card

And this one is also very sweet, especially if you love cats like I do. You're so Purrty

Cat Valentine 1950s

I think this is a super cute card, especially for a person who loves Halloween and ghosts. Have I A Ghost of A Woo Woo Chance My Valentine? Woo woo. Never heard that phrase before

Halloween Themed Valentine's Day Card

I love this I'm Your, Valentine with the sweet dog.

Dog Valentine - Vintage

I also love vintage Valentine pinup photos including this wonderful photo of the infamous Marilyn Monroe, posing with a heart.

Marilyn Monroe

This is a wonderful photo of Jean Harlow in the early 30s, eating chocolate in bed, with heart-shaped pillow.

Jean Harlow

Here's young Betty Grable in the 40s in a Valentine Pin-up themed photo.

Betty Grable

Here's actress Ann Miller, also posing as a pin-up Valentine.

Ann Miller, pinup

Here's a lovely photo of Debbie Reynolds in 1950s as a Valentine pin-up.

Debbie Reynolds 1950 Valentine

Also, I wrote a blog about the History of Valentine's Day. Feel free to check it out too to learn how it at all began. 

Vintage Valentine - History

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Brooches for any Occassion

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Also, this wonderful 1960s nightgown is completely gorgeous.


Vintage Necklaces


Thanks for reading! Enjoy your Valentine's Day!

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Note: All of these photos are from various sources that I saved on my computer/phone, from Pinterest. No copyright infringement intended - solely used for your enjoyment to celebrate Summertime!

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