Celebrate Summer - Tiki Style!

The summer months fly by and I can't stop thinking about tiki-themed parties with fancy cocktails and great dresses.. The Hawaiian style won me over years ago and then when I visited Hawaii in 2017, I still can't stop thinking about my love for all things tiki!

First, let's explore how Tiki culture came about in North America

The history of Tiki dates back to ancient Polynesia. Carvings of tiki gods were first discovered in Polynesia, and were said to represent specific Polynesian Gods. When I visited Hawaii in 2017, here's a few photos that I took.

In the 1930s, after spending a lot of time in Polynesia, and serving drinks during the American prohibition, Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt, who then renamed himself, Don the Beachcomber, is also called the founding Father of Tiki since he started a bar that became the trend until the late 70s. But Tiki culture made a comeback and bars have popped up all over.

Here's a few photos I found of Don himself..in his bar that he opened in 1933 that was at 1727 North McCadden Place, just off Hollywood Blvd, California

Don the Beachcomber

Here is a photo of the interior of the bar.. people would come far and wide to have cocktails.

Don the Beachcomber 1727 North McCadden Place, Hollywood CA

 Here's a great photo of Don, later in life (date/location unknown.)

When I visited Hawaii in 2017, I visited the Puuhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park on the Big Island. The traditional carved Tiki gods stand along the coast.

Film stars loved the Hawaiian themed outfits

I also enjoy how Tiki and Hawaiian themed clothing was adopted in several Pacific island films. Here are a few great photos.

Rita Hayworth wearing gorgeous Hawaiian attire















Actress Debra Paget

 Actress Debra Paget

Ida Lupino 1942 - Photo by George Hurrell for Esquire Magazine

Lupino 1942 - Photo by George Hurrell for Esquire Magazine

Here's Rosalind Russell in a fabulous floral print wrap-around gown.

Rosalind Russell

Tiki Cocktails

Tiki cocktails are world famous now. As we know, Don brought them over to the USA but some of these wonderful creations are now served everywhere, not just in Tiki bars but several places, including fancy motels, serve the famous Mai Tai.

 Crown Tiki Drink Menu

Here's a Tiki restaurant drink card from the 1960's. Unless you make them at home or are in Thailand, it's very unlikely to find drinks for $2.50 these days.

Tiki Drinks

Artist SHAG, one of the most famous known Tiki artists around. Visit his site, shag.com

 SHAG - Josh Angel

Items for Sale from Peppermint Twist Vintage 

We have a select number of tiki or Hawaiian themed items for sale including...

Tiki Bangles

The fashion of carved bangles originated in the 1940s. Carved floral motif celluloid bracelets became very popular and they are somewhat rare to find and very pricey. With rockabilly adorning Tiki style clothing, modern day resin bangles are available. We have a selection of different colours and patterns available for sale at reasonable prices.

Tiki Bangles from Peppermint Twist Vintage


This is an adorable Coconut purse made most likely by Whidby from the 1950s

Cute Tiki Style Coconut Purse

We have one purple toned pinup bathing suit (new, with tags) - Size XL - waist up to 34 US, available in two great colours... in black or purple, great for Tiki parties with a wrap-around.

Pinup Bathingsuit by Peppermint Twist Vintage

These are stunning wooden 1960s dangle earrings that look great with Tiki-themed outfits.

Tiki wooden earrings by peppermint-twist-vintage.com


These are great faux Bakelite orange pineapple dangle earrings.

Orange Tiki Pineapple dangle earrings

Thanks for reading and enjoy your summer!

Here's one final picture that I took also again at the Puuhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park on the Big Island in Hawaii. These are traditional Polynesian huts.

Traditional huts on the Big Island

Thanks for reading! Have a Tiki-Tastic Summer.

Until next time,

Nancy @peppermint-twist-vintage.com

Note: All of these photos are from various sources that I saved on my computer/phone, from Pinterest. No copyright infringement intended - solely used for your enjoyment to celebrate Summertime!

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