The Power of Advertising: A Look at Jewelry Promotions from the 1940s-1980s

I've been enjoying my spare time looking at old magazines from the 1940s to 70s. The one thing I noticed are advertisements that really made jewelry stand out!

According to the CNN article, a good advertisement tells us we need something even before we think we do. It offers us a look into the ideal life, the ideal body, the ideal mate, all wrapped in an ideal world.

I'd like to present to you with some of my favourite jewelry advertisements. We carry jewelry by Trifari, Monet, Coro, Sarah Coventry and a few other key brands. Therefore, I focused on these jewelry creators.


Italian immigrant Gustavo Trifari, and his uncle founded Trifari in 1910. During the course of their existence, they created great jewelry with an influence on the trends of the decades until the company was sold in 1975. It was a well-known, costume jewelry brand with great quality. In addition, the advertising was colourful and creative.

With being a redhead myself, I adore this Trifari 1960s advertisement since I like the way her hair is draped with the costume jewelry. It's almost an art form in itself - Punctuation White.  

This is the most incredible photo of a model wearing Trifari gold tone jewelry in the 1960s. It is most likely gold plated. 

Trifari Ad

The brooches used in the below photo shows that a cluster of pins can be used as a ‘scatter’ effect (aka scatter pins.)

Trifari Ad

GOLDEN TEMPO... This late 1950s or early 1960s woman's dress is also so stunning. Jewels by Trifari. 

The alphabet pins from the 1960s are great for dresses, belts, hats, scarves, purses and more. This showcases some unique ways to wear a brooch! 

Trifari Alphabet Pin

Trifari made wonderful, eye-catching brooches that can enhance your style.

Trifari Ad

Trifari jewelry is timeless!


Monet was a popular costume jewelry company that began in 1927. It was initially named the Monocraft Products Company, that began in Providence, Rhode Island. This 1956 ad with the poodle highlights the gold tone earrings that were part of Monet's popularity. Even years later, they are still elegant and we have well preserved ones for purchase. 

Monet 1956

Admittedly, this pink hat in this 1960s ad, featuring a model,wearing a simple gold necklace and earrings, really appeals to me.

Monet Jewelry

Lucinda Hollingsworth is one of my favourite models. Of British descent, she was often featured in 1960s Vogue photo shoots. She is draped in green fabric, while she is wears a stunning chocker necklace in the 1960s. Jewelry in the golden manner of MONET.

Lucinda Williams, Monet Ad

Again from the 1960s, this ad showcases several gold tone bracelets that were popular for purchase in department stores. The Golden Arm of Fashion. Monet vintage pieces are as gold as gold to me! 

Monet Ad


Admittedly, Coro has been one of my favourite brands of vintage costume jewelry. They were not very expensive but the colour, styles and creativity is so unique. 

Coro jewelry, Cohn & Rosenberger, was founded in New York by Emanuel Cohn and Carl Rosenberger in 1901.  Their most popular collections were the late 1940s-1950s. Coro Craft and Coro Pegasus were the 40’s stamped hallmark. Then just Coro was popular in many department stores in them 50’s and 60’s. They also created a higher-end line called Vendome. The company ceased operations in the late 70s but I still feel their items are truly great treasures. 

This 1940s purple ad for Coro's Marguerite jewelry is so fashionable and stunning. 

Coro 1943

Hollywood Actress Loretta Young wears Lover's Knot by Coro Craft in this 1946 advertisement.

Loretta Young for Coro

America's best dressed women wear Coro jewelry - this ad featured the wife of Mrs. Walter Thornton. She was chosen for the 3rd time as one of the Ten Best Dressed Women in America in the late 1940s. Her husband ran a Modelling Agency for many famous people including Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth and countless others. Walter's wife, Judy, a former model, was featured in this ad. Sadly, they divorced years later.

America's Best Dressed in the 1940s.

Coro Moonbeam is one of my favourite vintage items to wear. Whether it is the confetti, pink or blue necklace, there were several different colours and shapes using vintage plastics or moonglow. Every time I wear my necklace or bracelet, I always get compliments!


Nathalie Wood represented Vendome, the higher-end of jewelry manufacturedby Coro in the early 1950s. The blue was gorgeous. 

Nathalie Wood for Vendome

Many of Coro's jewelry line featured a wide array of hues and styles. This is what makes their jewelry so special to me.. I love the variety of colours and styles. Coro loves the hues in Pearltones this Fall.

Coro Ad

In truth, I can go on for hours about the various Coro designs. I love the various selections and styles from the 1940s-1960s.


Napier was founded in 1875, first as a watch company. But really had the biggest fame around the 1940s - 1970s with stunning gold plated designs. They ran a campaign with the catchy phrase "Napier is... "  that was used in the early 1980s, featured in several magazines.

First, Lillian Marcuson wears gold jewelry by Napier. This photo is by Milton Greene, 1951. Photo from Pinterest.

Lillian Marcuson in gold jewelry by Napier, photo by Milton Greene, 1951

These are all advertisements from the early 1980s. Sparkly gold jewelry is great for every day use. We have some great pieces for sale.


Sarah Coventry was a popular brand from 1949 until they ceased operations in the late 1970s.. Sarah Coventry jewelry was named after the granddaughter of Lyman K. Stuart, the founder of the company.  There jewelry was versatile and many celebrities endorsed their items.

Singer Rosemary Clooney is featured in this advertisement in 1964. 

Sarah Coventry Ad

When I was young, my mother used to watch Laugh In reruns and I found this fun advertisement from the 1969 with Jo Ann Worley. We actually carry this very brooch and it's in perfect condition!


Lee Merriwether is a female actor and model and she was featured in this Shangri-La Sarah Coventry promotion from 1972. The vibrant hues in this ad catches my eye.

Sarah Coventry with Lee Merriwether

No One Knows How.. Like Sarah from the 1970s ad highlights the silver collection. The Jewelry with Know How.

Sarah Coventry Ad


Lastly, we can't forget about SWANK, a great company that created unisex cuff links, tie clips and other accessories. We carry several cuff links including SWANK.

Swank Ad

Also AVON.. I always adored Elizabeth Taylor and I only recently discovered that she had a jewelry line in them 80s. Here is an from 1982. (Note: She will be featured in a future BLOG.) Photo credit

Liz Taylor, 1980s Ad


I can't rave enough about the TV series, Mad Men, which aired from 2007-2015 and can still be found on Netflix in many countries.  It explored life is advertising agencies from the 1950s - 60s. Not only did it use actual products to advertise, but it covered political issues like female inequality, the shooting of JFK, and the racial divide. The wardrobe was superb and it had a great story line. Check it out if you haven't seen it yet!

Mad Man from AMC - TV Series focusing on 1950s and 60s advertising

At Peppermint Twist Vintage, we carry a lot of jewelry including TRIFARI, MONET, CORO and SARAH COVENTRY.  We also carry vintage items from Avon, Judy Lee, Weiss, Sherman, Richelieu and other finds from Japan, the US, West Germany and Hong Kong. Here's a good collection of items, many of which are products listed in these above marketing advertisements.

Thanks for reading. Until next time,


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Great article and beautiful ads! You had a couple of ads I had never seen before and it helped me put a name and date to a couple of pieces. Thank you!

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