Exploring Vintage Hollywood: The Pajama Edition

It's April 2020 and I'm doing my part by staying inside due to the pandemic. I admit, I love spending a lot of my spare time lounging around in my sleepwear, watching old films from the 1930s-1950s.

Sleepwear is so comfortable. Since we are a vintage-themed website, let's look at vintage everything - even down to the sleepwear. Here's a great photo of the late, great Ginger Rogers, taken in 1935, wearing a great pair of pajamas. (Source: Google images)

Ginger Rogers - 1935 in PJs

When I was growing up in the 1970s and 80s, we had only one TV in the household with maybe eight channels.  This photo from Google images reminded me of my childhood. We had orange or gold curtains and we would congregate around the TV set, especially after school or at night time.

1970s family watching TV - source Google Images

When you are the youngest of four, it wasn't really up to me on what’s I would watch on TV. The men wanted to watch hockey, football games and MASH. We watched a lot of sitcoms, some of which were forgettable. I also watched many old films and TV shows with my parents. 

My dad introduced me to so many classic films. His all-time favourite film was the 1943 classic, Casablanca, featuring Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman and Paul Hendrix. (Photo: Google images.)

I recall watching The Bird Man of Alcatraz (with Burt Lancaster), The Great Imposter (with Tony Curtis), plus several John Wayne, Spencer Tracy and James Cagney films. (Photo from Google images.) Admittedly, I don't care much for Western films - I can take them or leave it.

Films from the 1930s-60sMy dad reminded me so much of Spencer Tracy and I enjoyed many of his films. My dad even had the red hair, the temper and similar personality traits, many of which I also inherited. I have this 1945 Life Magazine cover, framed, in my dining room in memory of them both. 

Spencer Tracy - Life Mag 1945 Cover

My mother's favourite film was Gone With the Wind. Plus, she admired Lucille Ball, Elizabeth Taylor, Barbara Stanwyck, and Betty Grable. She also watched game shows that I don't really care to ever see again - Let's Make a Deal and The Price is Right. (Photo collage images from Google.)

My Mother's Favourite Things to Watch on TV

My mother also loved Bewitched and I love this photo of Elizabeth Montgomery in her nightgown found on Google images.

Elizabeth Montgomery from Bewitched

Fast forward to 2007: I've lived through the fashion, film and music trends from the decades. However, in 2007, my love for classic cinema, vintage fashion and 1950s music resurfaced to the forefront of my life again. 

I'd like to share with you some of the people from decades past that I admire.

First, here's a colorized photo of Lucille Ball in the 1940s. I used to watch I Love Lucy reruns with my mother- I love the cluster earrings, the hair and the make-up. She truly inspired me. (Source: historydaily.org)

Lucille Ball

Since I am spending a lot of time in my own PJs, I thought I would share a photo of Lucy and her first husband, Desi in their PJs in the 1950s. (Source: Pinterest)

Lucy and Desi - PJs 1950s

One of my favourite vintage jewelry brands is CORO. Did you know many celebrities advertised for them? I collect and offer it for sale on peppermint-twist-vintage. It's versatile, creative and very colourful.

Here's a vintage Coro ad from 1948 with film star Loretta Young for the Lover's Knot demi parure that was created.

Loretta young - CoroHere's another great ad featuring Debbie Reynolds, promoting Coro jewelry in the 1960s. I love sparkly jewelry and Coro made a great deal of that! (Source: Pinterest)

Debbie Reynolds Coro Ad

Coro had a higher-end line called Vendome and here's a great advertisement with Nathalie Wood. She died far too soon and I cherish this advertisement. I love this jewelry set also. (Source: Pinterest)

Nathalie Wood advertising for Vendome

I also love this photo of Jane Fonda in 1959 wearing jewelry by Trifari (Source: Pinterest.) I love the green eye shadow that matches the earrings and bracelet.

Jane Fonda

I also love this Juliette Prowse for Sarah Coventry from 1973. Juliette starred alongside Elvis Presley in G.I. Blues, which is one of my favourite films. Rumour has it, they had an affair also. 

Juliette Prowse, 1973

Jean Harlow lived a short life but she left an influence on me when I watched her films from the 1930s. She wore risque clothing and was ahead of her time. I love this photo of her, wearing a deep, red bathrobe! (Source: Pinterest)

Jean Harlow - bathroom

Elizabeth Taylor was the epitome of style when it came to wearing jewelry and vivid colours! I feature her on this site often and that is a reason for it! She was one of the best dressed ladies.

Liz Taylor

Also, this photo of her when she was young (not even 20?) with her pajamas on is adorable! (Source: google images)

Elizabeth Taylor 1950s

My mother loved Betty Grable, who was popular in the 1940s. I remember her telling me that her legs were insured for a million dollars, which is probably now equivalent $10 million dollars. Marilyn Monroe superseded her success in the 1950s. However, they still had a lot of respect for each other and became friends. She died fairly poor, of cancer. Tragic. But I love her look and I love how she often wore cluster earrings!

Betty Grable in the 1940s

I think Barbara Stanwyck is my all-time favourite to watch in films. She was versatile, gorgeous and she wore stunning clothing and jewelry. (Source: Pinterest) Those earrings and necklace -- Oh my!

Barbara Stanwyck

Playing opposite Fred Mac Murray, here's a photo of her in Double Indemnity - oh the hair and sunglasses! (Source: Google Images) Gorgeous!

Barbara and Fred McMurry - Double Indemnity

Lauren Bacall is another favourite of mine. The brooch and bracelet alone made her even more stylish - just the added touch makes her even more glamorous. (Photo source: flickr)

Lauren Bacall

My mother admired Grace Kelly who eventually gave her career up to become the Princes of Monaco!  I love this 1954 photo of her in Vogue. That dress!

Grace Kelly, 1952

I also spent a lot of time watching Elvis movies. Some of my favourites are G.I. Blues, King Creole and Paradise Hawaiian Style, which really made me want to visit Hawaii, and I finally did go in 2017.  (Photo source: Buzzfeed)

Elvis in GI Blues - Poster

Clark Gable really is another favourite of mine, especially when he starred in a movie that his co-star, Claudette Colbert, didn't even want to work on! The movie ended up winning Oscar awards! It is, It Happened by Night with Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable in 1934.

Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert - It Happened one night

Lastly, my favourite movie of all-time is The Razor's Edge, adapted by The Somerset Maugham's book. The film starred Tyrone Powell, Gene Tierney and Anne Baxter. If you watch this movie, you can understand how I view life.. it really had an impact on me. Bill Murray also starred in the remake. but this version is far better.  You can watch it FREE of charge on YOUTUBE.

The Razor's Edge

And I also love The Adventures of Robin Hood. Olivia de Havilland is one of the few actors from the golden era that is still alive today. I love this photo of her in 1937.

Olivia de Havilland

So if you need to unwind, get comfortable, pour yourself a beverage and enjoy a few old classics! To bad we all don't look as glamourous and intelligent Hedy LeMarr from the 1940s, in her sleep wear.  (Photo: Google images)

Hedy LaMarr 1940s

I must also mention: Some of you may think this is a vain topic to post during a time when we are experiencing a worldwide pandemic. But, writing is a way for me to deal with the current crisis. In truth, today's REAL stars and heroes are our healthcare workers. Hats off to you. (Photo source: CBC)

CBC Staff fighting COVID April 21, 2020

Lastly, if do you want to add a bit of Hollywood glamour to your life, we have the following items for purchase by Coro. Trifari, and Sarah Coventry.  We also have an Elvis belt buckle, tiki bracelets and tons of vintage sewing patterns if you feel inclined to get creative during this time..some are for sleepwear!

There are so many talented stars that influenced my style and passion for old films but I can't list them all here. Sure, there are other great modern day films too. But nothing beats the old cinema - the dialogue and story lines are far better. They are real.

Who is your favourite Hollywood star or hero? Drop us a line - I'd love to know.

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