A Salute to the Glorious Leading Men from Hollywood Past --- with CATS
During the pandemic, classic Hollywood films, and my cats have kept me great company. Let's pay tribute to the glorious men on the silver screen - with CATS. You will notice many had siamese cats, didn't they? 

Since Halloween is coming up soon..let's start off with this great photo of the belated Peter Lorre and Vincent Price. This wonderful photo was  taken in 1961 by Ralph Crane documenting Black Cat Auditions in Hollywood. This audition must have been for Tales of Terror (1962) by Roger Corman. (Source: Pinterest.)

Peter Lorre - Vincent Price
Here's a great photo of Clark Gable with Carol Lombard and their two siamese cats. Carol died tragically in a plane crash. Clark sadly also died too you - at the age of 59. (Photo source: Hubpages)
Steve McQueen...what a great and memorable actor he was. Photo taken in 1963 by William Claxton.
Steve McQueen with his Cat
Errol Flynn starred in one of my favourite movies of all time, The Adventures of Robin Hood. What a great photo of him, on his yacht in the 1940s with his siamese cat. (Photo: Pinterest)
Errol Flynn
Paul Newman with his siamese cat in the 1960s. (Source: Ranker.com)
Paul Newmann
Young Marlon Brando in 1956, at his home with his cat, Ole. 
Marlon Brandon with his cat
Here's Sean Connery in 1962 on a film set 1962 in Jamaica on the set of Dr. No. Source: Imgur
Sean Connery - 1962
Fred Astaire - photo from Life Magazine, again with a siamese cat. 
Fred Astaire Life Magazine
Anthony Perkins with his cat. (Photo source: Hubpages)
Anthony Hopkins and his cat
Here is a 1934 publicity photo of Cary Grant with a black cat. Cary was always so debonair on the big screen. (Source: flickr)
Christopher Walken and a lovely kitten. The look in Christopher's eyes and his voice is so unforgettable! 
Christopher Walken
Russell Brand from his Instagram account (found on pinterest)
Russell Brand
Lastly, I suggest following Anthony Hopkins on Instagram. He often plays piano on instagram while his cat, Niblo stands by to listen. Check out his instagram
Anthony Hopkins -instagram
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