2020: The Year of the Roaring Wedding - 1980 to the Vintage 1990s - Part 3 of 3

In our last two blogs, 2020: The Year of the Roaring Wedding, we examined previous decades. In Part 1 we examined trends from the 1920-1950s and in Part 2, we looked at fashion styles from the 1960s-1970s. Now, let's explore the 1980s to the end of the vintage era of the 1990s.

The Extravagant and Fun 1980s

The 1980s was a FUN, and colourful decade. From 'over the top' extravagant weddings ... to fun and flashy colourful ceremonies, this decade had it all. 

The most memorable wedding of the 80s was when Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles on July 29, 1981 in London, England. An estimated global audience of 750 million people (including my mother and I!) watched an incredible storybook ceremony that was aired on television in many countries. 

Charles and Diana Wedding, July 1981

Diana's dress was complete with a V-neckline, enormous puffy sleeves, and a long 25-foot train that was carried by her bridesmaids. She wore dangling rhinestone earrings, and a large floral bouquet. (Photos source above and below: Google images.) 

Lady Di wedding

Charles and Di divorced in the 1990s and sadly, her life faced a tragic ending. However, despite this, the ceremony was a historical moment to witness.


In the US, The MTV Music television network launched on August 1, 1981. This was coincidentally only days after Charles and Di wed. Not only did music videos help sell albums for artists, but millions were inspired by New wave, Hard Rock, Pop, New Romantic and post-punk music fashion trends as the young generation gained inspiration from some musicians that they favoured. 

MTV influences with music

As highlighted above, performers including Romeo Void (the first video played on MTV - "Video Killed the Radio Star"), Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Depeche Mode, Michael Jackson, and countless others also influenced fashion trends. 

1980s trends included:
    • Metro-sexuality styles (with feminine bright colours, jewelry and make-up worn by both men and women)
    • Long dresses with puffy sleeves
    • Floral patterned fabrics and accessories
    • Sunglasses - worn not just for protecting your eyes from the sun
    • Vibrant coloured clothing like pink, purples, oranges, red, etc.
    • Jewelry was more prominent made from vinyl, rhinestones, metals, plastics and bold dangle earrings
    • Big brooches worn by woman and men, instead of neckties 


    In addition, many famous films influenced styles. Films by John Waters including the Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles created mainstream fashion trends. Below is a photo from Pretty in Pink (Source: Google images)

    Pretty in Pink - a class 1986  Movie

      Here are a few examples of 1980s weddings..

      Nick Rhodes from the UK band, Duran Duran marries Julie-Ann in 1984. His metro-sexual style included wearing matching make-up, including lipstick and eye shadow. Plus his pink suit matches her hairpiece! It was also common trend for men to wear brooches in place of a tie.

      Nick Rhodes Wedding, 1984

      Singer Diana Ross marries her second husband, billionaire, Arne Næss, Jr. in 1985. Note the floral patterned fabric and flowers in her hair.. (Source: www.munaluchibridal.com)

      Diana Ross - Second Wedding

      Sylvester Stallone, famous for his and Rocky and Rambo films, marries Brigette Neilson in 1985. Notice the HUGE puffy sleeves and floral-patterned fabric dress. (Source: Pinterest)Sly Stallone Wedding Photo

      In the below photo, pop star Madonna is practicing for her video for Lucky Star. Note the many bracelets, dangle earrings, and jewelry on her skirt. Madonna was also famous for wearing crosses. (Photo source: Madonnalicious.com.)  

      Madonna started a fashion trend in the 80s

      On her wedding day, when she married actor Sean Penn in 1985, her fashion transcends into a white dress, ONE dangling earring, and a floral sash.
      Madonna Marries Sean PennIn 1989, Tom Hanks marries Rita Wilson in a long floral dress but she changes into a mini skirt after the church ceremony. Mini skirts were still another popular trend in the 1980s that originated from the 1960s. Tom and Rita are still happily married today. (Photos: pinterest.com)

      Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson 1989 -still married today

      Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson - Still married today

      Robert Smith from the UK post-punk band, The Cure, married his high-school sweetheart. The lovely bride, Mary Poole, wearing a traditional wedding dress in 1989. (Photo: Google images) I love how she is wearing antique jewelry. 

      Robert Smith Wedding 1989

      Not everyone chooses to wear a white dress on her big day. Here are actors Emma Thompson who married Kenneth Branagh in 1989. (Photo: imdb.com) Pink was a big colour trend in the 1980s.

      Emma Thompson and Kenneth Brannagh, 1989

      SUMMARY: 1980s wedding trends included puffy shoulder dresses, bright colours, and floral patterned fabrics and accents. Jewelry styles included anything from dangling earrings, plastic and metal jewelry.

      THE NICE 90's

      Although anything over 30 years in considered vintage, I still find itv tough defining the 1990s as such. However, time flies and it's time to face reality. When I think of the 90s, fashion trends like acid-wash denim, polka dot shirts, crushed velvet, blazers with colour and gold tone jewelry come to mind. TV shows like Seinfeld and Friends were very popular and the charts were filled with grunge music.

      While we are on the topic of grunge music, a photo of Nirvana's Kurt Kobain (R.I.P.) when he married fellow singer (from Hole), Courtney Love in the 1992. It looks like he is wearing pajamas but it was antithesis of a wedding on purpose and both carried bouquets.. (Photo: Pinterest) This was a unique wedding!

      Kurt and Courtney wedding, 1992

      Friends was a popular TV sitcom  and here's a few shots that highlighted 1990s wedding trends - Phoebe and Monica, both wearing a wedding dress during different episodes. (Photo: Google images)

      Wedding styles from Friends

      Traditional wedding dresses were more of a 1940s minimalist, sleek design, called the slip dress. The dresses were long and straight cut and not layered or overtly detailed, like in past decades. Spaghetti straps were also common. Also, jewelry went back to a more traditional style with less bling but still elegant.

      In past decades, David Bowie (RIP) set so many fashion trends with his glam rock and glitz. In 1992, he married Iman and she is wore a traditional form fitting dress with dangling earrings, while he wore a black suit and bow tie.

      The beautiful Kate Blanchett marries Andrew Upton in 1997. The couple are still together today. 

      Kate Blanchett Wedding

      I am particularly found on Kate because she portrays many  roles in movies that require her to wear a vintage clothing and jewelry. Here's a photo of her when she portrayed Katherine Hepburn in the Aviator, the film about Howard Hughes.  (Source: pinterest.com)

       Kate Blanchett as Kate Hepburn

      Sex and the City TV series star and actor, Sarah Jessica Parker married Matthew Broderick in 1997 and she wore a black dress. Today, she says she regrets the decision but it just shows you that you can wear whatever you like on your wedding day and it doesn't have to be a traditional white dress.

      Sarah Jessica Parker - and Matthew Broderick wedding

      1990's Summary: Wedding trends of the 1990s included more minimalist dresses aka the slip dress, fashionable earrings, satin fabrics and elegant, yet simple jewelry.

      We have incredible jewelry for the special day for both the bride, bridesmaid and cuff links for the men. Here is a just a sample of what we carry.

      Bracelets were a huge trend in the 1980s

      These Monet bangles are sure to please and would look so elegant with any wedding attire.

      Monet Bangles

      This 1990s does 1940s bracelet would look great with a slip style wedding dress..

      1940s bracelet


      This set of inexpensive costume jewelry rings are FUN... especially for an 80s themed event


      I can't recommend enough how much I love brooches - on dresses, jackets etc. This crown brooch reminds me so much of how the story book wedding of Di and Charles was in 1981.

      This is a true, 1980s brooch that can be worn either by a woman or man (in place of a tie) This is super fun!

      1980s brooch


       1980s Earrings - true dead stock - plastic, pierced. Ideal for an 80s wedding

       1980s plastic earrings

      These are great pieced earrings that are black with rhinestones. This would look great with a 1980s themed wedding, especially if the groom wears black - you will match.

      These gold earrings (4 pairs in a set) and necklace is great for the whole wedding party! Although they are from the 1960s, they would look great for a 1990's themed wedding with sheer elegance.

      Silver Set

      Or this teal set of 3 pairs of pierced earrings and one bracelet would be great for the bride and two bridemaids or the the mother of the bride

      Teal Set

      These pierced earrings would look fantastic also..in glass light green. 

      These are bold, brassy clip-on earrings and would make an gold statement at a 1990's themed wedding!

      Dangled Pierced Rhinestone Earrings always look great for any decade

      Rhinestone Earrings


      This Sarah Coventry green and gold necklace would look fantastic with a dress of any colour!

      Green Sarah Coventry

      Lastly, even though this thermoset orange set is from the 1960's, I can't help thinking about Cyndi Lauper and 1980s fashion trends.

      Orange Thermoset

      CUFF LINKS for the groom or best man...

       Cuff links

      I still recommend rhinestone jewelry for any or all occasions. See our entire wedding collection to find your style!

      Lastly, I leave you with a wonderful photo of Kate Winslet, who married Ned Rocknroll, (her 3rd husband), in 2012. Kate is so talented and beautiful and I love the vintage style headdress and gorgeous dress. (Source: dailymail.co.uk

      Whatever your wedding style is, I hope it's a good day for you and your loved ones! 

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