Welcome to 2020 - The Year of a Roaring Wedding! Part 1 of 3

It is hard to believe it is 2020! One hundred years ago, it was the Roaring Twenties... a decade of prohibition, the Charleston dance, the Great Gatsby and All that Jazz. 


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A hundred years later, the world has changed in many unpredictable ways, especially when it comes to fashion trends, including jewelry. What is the latest buzz on the internet for 2020? Many are planning their wedding in 2020!

Some people state their wedding day is their most important day in their life so make it special! Let's explore vintage WEDDING styles from the previous decades. I hope that it will provide you with some inspiration if you, or a loved one, are planning a wedding in 2020.

The 1920s: The Roaring Twenties

During a 1920s wedding ceremony, the bride wore embroidered or beaded, mid-calf dresses, with or without trains (if they could afford them.) 

Woman had short hairstyles and it was customary to wear a Juliet headdress (named after the Renaissance one worn by Juliet in Romeo and Juliet.) It was ornately decorated with a floral design or beads. 

1920s Wedding couple(Source: Google Images)

Jewelry worn with the gown was fairly simply - a strand or two of a long beaded necklace. Men usually wore a bow tie, or a necktie with a suit. This flapper-style dress, worn with the long necklace was also a 1920s wedding style.

(Source: Annie Kangeter wedding dress  - photo: charlestonmusuem.org)

In addition, smokey shades of eye make-up and dangling earrings were a common fashion in the roaring 20s, as seen in this vintage Maybelline advertisement.

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I love this photo from the wedding of one of my favourite Film Directors of all time.. Alfred Hitchcock married Alma Reville in 1926. The Flapper style dress, hat and simple necklace looked stunning! Alfred wore a top hat and necktie. 

Alfred Hitchcock Wedding Photo
(Source: Google images from Gonemovie.com)

SUMMARY: The 1920s wedding trends included flapper or mid-calf dresses, beaded necklaces, dangling earrings, ornate headdresses or hats.

The 1930s: The Boudoir Bride

Fashion changed in the 1930s and ankle length, tight fitting dresses were the norm. Look at this lovely satin one, worn by film star Jean Harlow, on her wedding day, with her second husband Paul Bern, MGM Executive, on July 2, 1932. 

(Source: Google images)

This is a close-up photo of Jean's Harlow's dress. Take notice of the ornate rhinestone belt at her waist. Brides often wore white, with rhinestone accents.

(Source: Pinterest.ca)

It was not unusual to see dresses with a rhinestone clasp at the waist (either front or back), as seen below.
(Source: Pinterest.ca)
Here is a picture of Joan Crawford and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. in the film, Our Modern Maidens (1933). Notice the long dress, trail and stunning rhinestone necklace and dangle earrings.
Joan Crawford 1933 Wedding
(Source: Joan Crawford on Google images)

I love this photo of London's Daily Mail studio photographer at his own wedding. Necklaces were shorter and dangling earrings were the norm. This dress is so stunning with the floral design and delicate train!

 (Source: Dailymail.co.uk)

SUMMARY: The 1930s wedding trends included longer, form-fitting dress, dangling earrings, rhinestone accessories and shorter necklaces with sparkle.

The 1940s Wedding: Something Borrowed

Due to outbreak of WWII, a vast majority of women were sent to work in the early 1940s. Men were sent off to fight the war and rations were put in place due to limited manufacturing and supplies being shipped to the soldiers. Food and new clothing became scarce. It was common that woman wore something borrowed, from a family member, such as an older sister. As a result, both men and woman seemed to also 'dress down' for the ceremony due to limited fabric resources and the rations.

In addition, due to the food rations, you would not dare throw rice at the bride and groom. And bouquets, if at all, were much smaller and woman wore day dresses vs. glamorous dress. In addition, on many occasions, the groom wore his military uniform.

Here are some of my favourite photos of weddings from the 1940s period.

1940s war brides(Source: Pinterest, 1940s bride and groom, unknown)

I love this photo of a young couple in Calgary, Alberta Canada on their wedding day. 

Calgary Couple Married in the 1940s(Source: Pinterest)

Even the most glamorous and rich Hollywood Stars dressed down in this era. In addition, it wasn't always everyone's FIRST wedding. 

For instance, here is Hollywood Star, Betty Grabel, in 1943, wearing an ICE blue dress, accented with a brooch on her chest, at her second wedding with American Band Leader, Harry James.

Betty Grable, 1943 wedding(Source: Google images)

I love this photo of Bette Davis when she married her third husband, a sailor, William Grant Sherry, on leave, in 1945. She is wearing a stunning turquoise dress, with matching hat. 

Bette Davis, 1945 wedding(Source: Google images)

In truth, the ration restrictions in the US were not as severe as in Europe. The American media rallied on to highlight that a traditional, white wedding should be the NORM, with a wedding cake, bridesmaids, ring, etc., despite fabric rations. The dresses included puffy, square shoulder and a looser fitting bodice, with or without trains. 

Here is a stunning photo of Barbara Stanwyck in The Lady Eve, 1941, in a traditional dress, despite the ration restrictions. 

Barbara Stanwyck, the Lady Eve, 1941
(Source: IMDB.com)

 Also, here is Claudette Colbert and Joel McCrae in the Palm Beach Story from, 1942. There were no clothing rations on the big screen at all!

Claudette Colbert(Source: IMDB.com)

After the war ended in 1945, the rations were lifted over time.. The late 1940s and 50s styles went back to the more traditional dresses. Here is a wonderful photo of James Stewart and bride, Gloria McLean in 1949. This hourglass dress was the big 1950s fashion trend. (Source: IMDB.com)

SUMMARY: The 40s wedding style included day dresses, accented brooches, and shorter beaded necklaces. The late '40s trend that spilled over to the '50s revived the more traditional trend with a long white dress with jewelry accessories, post-war.

The Fabulous 1950s: The Hourglass Silhouette or Tea Cup Dress

The dresses and jewelry in the 1950s meant a more hourglass figured dress, sparkly jewelry and a more traditional wedding. The clothing and food rations have long ended. I love the 1950s look because I myself have big hips and these dresses suit me well!

Bouquets were bigger, rhinestone jewelry was often worn, or accented clip-on earrings in different shades to accent the dress.

To start, look at the fabulous Liz Taylor when she married Conrad Hilton in 1950. 

(Source:Glamour and Grace Blog)

I love this photo of a beautiful, tradition 1950s bride, with a beaded necklace and v-line dress and a wonderful bouquet of flowers.

(Source: Cleveland.com)

And I cannot forget to include two wonderful photos, one of Grace Kelly getting married to the Prince Rainier in 1956.

Grace Kelly

(Source: Marthastewart.com)

 And I love this picture of Bombshell, Jayne Mansfield on her wedding day in 1958 when she married Nicky Hargitay. Sadly she died a tragic death at the age of 34 in a car accident.

Jayne Mansfield, 1958 Just Married - Micky Hargitay

(Source: Google Images)

SUMMARY: The 1950s wedding trends included hourglass or teacup dresses, beaded necklaces, accented earrings, and a traditional white dresses with added flair.


If you are planning a vintage inspired wedding, we have lots of vintage items to help you accessorize that special day including the following (which is only a small sample of items.)

First up, this wonderful 1920s brooch would definitely accent a dress or waistline for a vintage look.

1920s brooch

This green CORO hallmarked, 20 inch in length necklace would look great with a 20s inspired dress. Or it can be easily become a double strand.

Coro Green Moonglow Bead Necklace

We have different beaded necklaces or sets that would look stunning on that special day. This set is stunning..

1950's made in japan set

Or this wonderful bib necklace with faux pearl beads:

Bib Necklace with faux pearl

I highly recommend this Coro hallmarked, blue floral three piece bracelet, necklace and earring set. Although it is vintage, it has never been used the tag is still intact on this beautiful set. 

Or this sparkly amber Coro necklace and earring set with amber and Aurora Borealis stones:

This necklace with a pink, thermoset-centered heart is so sweet.

Heart necklace with thermoset and vintage faux pearl

In addition, rhinestone earrings match any dress from the 1920s-50s. Here is a sample of the pairs we have for purchase:

This lovely pierced dangled rhinestone earring set: 

Rhinestone Earrings - Pierced

Or these Bogoff hallmarked rhinestone earrings from the late 1950s.


And don't forget brooches that look great to accent a dress or waistline as seen in the photos above of Jean Harlow or Betty Grabel. This vintage brooch and earring set is stunning. 

Brooch Set

Or how about something BLUE like these blue and silver filigree earrings from the 1950s? We have a wide array of earrings to chose from in red, green, pink, amber and white.

Blue Clip On earrings

Last but not least, cuff links are a MUST for the groom!

Cufflinks for the Groom


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Here is a photo of Marvelous Mrs Maisel now, from Season 1 on her own wedding day, wearing lovely clip-on earrings and a tiny necklace with a charm. 

(Source: Marvelous Maisel Maisel, Season 1, @MaiselTV on Instagram)

The 1960s and beyond will be featured in the NEXT BLOG, Wedding Trends, Part 2. Until then, I leave you with a lovely photo of the wonderful Ratpack member himself, Sammy Davis Jr, with his bride from Sweden, May Britt from 1960.

May Britt and Sammy Davis Jr 1960 Wedding

Whatever your wedding plans are, I hope it is a great day!

Read Part 2, of our blog, 2020: The Year of the Roaring Wedding, we covered the 1960s-1970s.

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